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Andy Luckman presents "Offbeat Reggae Radio" from his custom built studio in Essex. He has had previous radio experience working in professional commercial radio from 2001 - 2006. After that, the egos around him became a bit too much and he decided to do something else somewhere else a lot nicer.

While living in Thailand he found an affinity with Reggae music; quite fitting for sun, sea and sand.

On his return he felt he needed a hobby! Weirdly, he missed talking to himself in a room. An outlet was needed and with a fledgling record collection of battered Reggae and Ska - Offbeat Reggae Radio was born.

A new show is produced every two weeks and after 5 months producing content Andy is very pleased to have the show featured on Riddim Lion Radio.

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"Spreading the REGGAE VOICE of consciousness, righteousness, oneness and LOVE from Norfolk, UK to the World."

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