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Bassloop has been producing music from a variety of genres, namely breakbeat, electronica and drum and bass, for a number of years; while Danny Roots is a reggae-hip hop DJ, with no prior experience as a producer.


Having first met at Knox Boxing gym in Sheffield around 6 years ago, they later made the transition from punching each other in the face to co-producing music, primarily to be played out through Riddimtion Soundsystem - a Sheffield based reggae sound system, hosting and playing at events, nationally and internationally, for over 20 years.


More recently, the duo have branched out and began sharing their creations on social media. To hear their unique sound for yourselves, search Method In The Badness on Twitter, Facebook, Soundcloud and YouTube, and be sure to subscribe to hear all future musical niceness!

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"Spreading the REGGAE VOICE of consciousness, righteousness, oneness and LOVE from Norfolk, UK to the World."

Riddim Lion Radio