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Born in Aldershot, founder of RIDDIM LION RADIO, Ian Luffman grew up in Nottingham where he first encountered reggae music as a youngster playing on the streets of the council estates. On sunny weekends people would bring their sound systems outside and play reggae music. Despite losing his hearing at age 6, he had an appreciation of music and went on to teach himself to play guitar. As a teenager he would DJ at the school's lunchtime discos. He continued to DJ at various clubs, pubs and parties.


When Ian moved to Norwich in 1993 he continued his musical interests by playing in various bands and undertaking an Access to Music course in music production for which he received an award at the Access to Music ceremony at the BAFTA. Soon after, he suffered another chronic loss of hearing and was unable to hear music at all for the next 15 years.


In December 2017 he had a cochlear implant operation and regained some hearing. Unable to effectively DJ in clubs again he set up Riddim Lion Radio as a way to share his love of reggae music with everyone. Now a new chapter begins.

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"Spreading the REGGAE VOICE of consciousness, righteousness, oneness and LOVE from Norfolk, UK to the World."

Riddim Lion Radio